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'til human voices wake us
1D; Zayn - Glasses
GUYS. I wrote more fic. It's not long, but it really hurt to write, so whatever. It is posted at the long awaited (or not so long awaited) community for mockturtletale and I, which we have created (mostly she has, though, she did everything and deserves all the credit) over at nutricula. Y'all should add it, or something!! But here's the first thing posted in it:

Title: 'Til Human Voices Wake Us
Pairing: Harry/Zayn
Rating: G
Words: 1800
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry's tired, so Zayn takes care of him.
A/N: This is shamelessly self-indulgent. I wrote it because I was as tired as Harry is in it a couple of weeks ago, and I wished someone would take care of me, so instead I had someone take care of Harry. It's ... This is kind of set in an indiscriminate universe. Harry and Zayn live together, and in my mind it's an alternate universe where Zayn is a traveling photographer and Harry is his boyfriend and they live in London, but it could just as easily be set in the universe we live in now, except with Harry and Zayn living together instead of Harry and Louis. Beta'd and British-ized by my dearest mockturtletale, whom this is for, as I suspect all things in this fandom will be. Title and cut text from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot.

( when the wind blows the water white and black )

the quiet things
Actor; Marion Cotillard - Couch
Title: The Quiet Things
Pairing: Liam/Zayn
Rating: G? PG?
Warning: RPF, uhh light angst, maybe?? Sorta?
Words: ~2900
Summary: Liam thinks he might understand why Zayn started smoking, but he can't for the life of him understand why he won't quit. In which Liam tries to figure out what makes Zayn smoke, and maybe falls a little in love in the process.
Disclaimer: Not real, not making any profit, etc etc.
A/N: Muchas gracias, or rather a huge, giant fuck you to Tumblr for ruining my life with these boys, and an actual serious thanks to mockturtletale for the beta job and for encouraging me to write again. ♥ always, dear.

The first thing Liam really notices about Zayn is that he smells like cigarettes.Collapse )

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Hello LJ! I return to you for the first time since August to announce that I have fallen head over heels for One Direction. It's bad. I haven't felt this way since I first found my way to Bandom, alas. Has anyone any kind of primers or recs or photos or anything of them that they'd like to share??? Throw me a bone, y'all, I'm drowning here.

In The Jungle
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YO - I really wanna go to the University of Chicago next year, and if you could vote for me, maybe get some friends to vote, I might win a scholarship that will help me get there. Thanks so much, guize.

dolce et decorum est
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I'm uncreative and lazy, so I'm just gonna copy and paste this from mockturtletale 's journal! I hope you don't mind, bro!

mockturtletale  and I randomly got talking about Muse the other day and the conversation turned into the idea that she and I should have a sort of musical version of a book club! And then we thought that it'd be cool to extend it past just us to anyone who wanted to join us!

So basically every week we're going to pick a particular artist or a particular album maybe and listen to it, form some thoughts (that's the hard part) and then get together and ~discuss it. Funtimes, right?

This weeks artist is going to be Muse and you can choose to listen to just one album or their entire discography or however much of their back catalogue as you like. Clo and I shall converse about the location of the discussion, but I'm assuming it shall either be here or over at mockturtletale  and we're setting the deadline at Sunday September 27th. Obviously we don't all have to be there at the same time, you can leave comments and reply to others and pop in and out doing so anytime you like, but after next Sunday we shall be moving on to another topic! We'll have the official post up in a couple of days so once we've set that up and you've listened to some Muse, feel free to let loose.

We're calling it Dulce Et Decorum Est and it's something that we're planning on doing on the regular for the forseeable future so if you want in you are more than welcome! If you're busy this week but want to join us next time, cool beans. Pimp it out, tell anyone you think might be interested, the more the merrier. Music is pretty much the reason we're all here and I know I for one would love to hear more of you guys' opinions on artists and genres outside of the usual discussion topics, so Clo and I are pretty excited about this! It's going to be awesome! GET IN ON IT!

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 ALRIGHT, so, I finished that story for that contest I posted about a while back. And even though you have to be 18 to enter, I entered anyway because fuck age limits and all that jazz. Anywho, this is my story!

Quiet Desperation, a title given by Clo.Collapse )

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 FLIST! Lovely, fabulous, tiny, awesome flist, I have a challenge for you all!

NPR's Three-Minute Fiction

Basically, it's a challenge to write a story in 600 words by a week from today, starting with the first line they give you. You're all lovely writers! DO IT. Someone from The New Yorker picks the winner, and it'll be read on NPR. You also get some book, but I don't really care about that. WRITE FLIST. AND SHARE YOUR STORIES WITH ME!

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I've never actually done a meme before? And now I'm kind of making one up? Only not really, anywhooo!


It's something I've seen floating around Flickr a lot lately, where people take a new photograph every day for 365 days and post them. So I've decided to put it to writing, and I'm going to write something every day for the next 365 days, be it a sentence, a story, a poem, whatever! Join me if you wish!


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No really. Where are the cameras?

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So! I've decided to make a picspam. Of adorable/funny/hot/whatever pictures that I decided to put in here because I feel like it. This is dedicated to mockturtletale because I love her. :* Keep in mind that I've never properly picspammed before, so this may very well suck.


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