aristotle and socrates

in a platonic relationship

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Actor; Marion Cotillard - Couch

I've never actually done a meme before? And now I'm kind of making one up? Only not really, anywhooo!


It's something I've seen floating around Flickr a lot lately, where people take a new photograph every day for 365 days and post them. So I've decided to put it to writing, and I'm going to write something every day for the next 365 days, be it a sentence, a story, a poem, whatever! Join me if you wish!


"Why do you smoke?" he asks. Goosebumps dot every inch of pale, exposed skin, but as he flicks his eyes -- dull eyes, she notes, eyes that've lost their sparkle, another thing she can blame on herself -- to her, it's clear she's worse off. Her skins is near transluscent, veins criss crossing in patterns he wants to trace, would trace if not for fear. He wonders if she knows she's living art. He wonders if there are no goosebumps because she isn't cold. He wonders if she isn't cold because she's used to it, and as she exhales a ring of smoke he feels a piece of his heart shatter.

"My own personal form of suicide," she says after a moment. She meets his eyes -- dull eyes, they've lost their sparkle -- for a moment but turns away sharply. "I've never been quite brave enough to do it faster."
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