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aristotle and socrates

in a platonic relationship

My name is Taelor, I'm an 18-year-old college student studying English and Philosophy living in Chicago and generally making a mess of my life.
Most recently, that mess is a result of One Direction, who promptly came into my life and fucking ruined it, those dicks.
Before that, though, I was interested in things like music, writing, reading, circus-ing, horseback riding, and rolling around in the grass.
My best friend in the whole world is this girl called Clo who hangs out over at mockturtletale, you've probably heard of her because she's the best.
I sort of have a general sentiment that EVERYBODY IS TERRIBLE, which makes me seem really unapproachable, but I probably don't think you're terrible, so talk to me anyway! Really!
My favorite band are these dudes called Empires, they're fucking fantastic and you should listen to them always.
I write and read fanfiction, at the moment primarily One Direction, but I'll also read Inception fic, Suits fic, sometimes HP fic or Sherlock fic, and if it's REALLY REALLY GOOD I'll read hockey rpf!
I dunno what else to say. I'm a pretty nice person, but I'm sickly shy 6 days out of the week, so I might not seem like it.
I do want to be friends with everybody always, though, so let's be friends! It'll be fun!

Hit me up on AIM at whisper reckless or MSN at dolphinsandwolves at msn dot com (shut UP I made it when I was EIGHT) or via email at kailolu at gmail dot com!
I'm happy to chat about any and all things, srsly.

PS I bolded circus-ing above because it's something that I'm still super passionate about and want to talk to everybody about ALWAYS, which is why this extra section is down here, duh. I can walk on stilts and do some basic acro and aerials, I've dabbled on the spanish web, silks, and I always have a lot of fun on the trapeze (flying or otherwise). Okay that's all!

PPS I can be found on Tumblr HERE if that's something you're interested in!

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