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Actor; Marion Cotillard - Couch
So! I've decided to make a picspam. Of adorable/funny/hot/whatever pictures that I decided to put in here because I feel like it. This is dedicated to mockturtletale because I love her. :* Keep in mind that I've never properly picspammed before, so this may very well suck.


'Sup, little critters getting married? This photo is almost as perplexing as...

this one. There are three tiny kittens in this picture, and three tiny phones. Whose calls do you suppose they're waiting for? Do you suppose any of them got their calls? Things to ponder...

While you're pondering, you can eat some fruit. I hear he's selling all products with a discount for today only.

Don't get too distracted thinking. A camel might eat your head.

You know what else might distract you?

This. Oooor......

Keltie Colleen. She can be very distracting, and also a fabulous segue into the Beautiful People Section.

Another picture, just for good measure.

I dunno who he is, but I would definitely let him distract me. Actually, I don't know who most of the following people are.

I do know who this is, and she is fabulous.

So is he. This is Guillaume Varki. He's a model.

Sorry, mockturtletale, I got here first.

Ashlee has got it goin' on, just saying.

So does Chris. But that's not the main reason this picture is in here. Look at that bottom right picture, look at his face. How does one contort their face into that shape? Can you do it? I sure can't. I'd love to see a picture if you can!

I also have no clue who this is, but man oh man, she has my approval no matter what she wants to do.

So does Sierra. Seriously, this girl is so gorgeous. I'm constantly amazed by her.

Blake always continually amazes me. Look at his face!

Speaking of faces I'd look at, Dean sure has grown into a fine young man. Look at that bitchface, it could rival baby lesbian Spencer's.

Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm lovin' it.

I love her jacket. And Hair. And everything.

Last, but certainly not least. Her FRECKLES, you guys, and her hair and her face.

And thus concludes the pretty people section! Back to cuddly and lolz.

You could almost drink the adorable!

Apparently, kittens really like to be in cups. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm not complaining!

Rabbits appear to be hopping on the ship, too!

And dogs! What is this buffoonery?!

I'm pretty sure these hamsters aren't trying to drink the kitties. I hope not, at least.

However, I do think these are pretty clear in their intent.

Moar tiny things in places they shouldn't be! How so cute?

Even MOAR tiny! What is this, even? I have no friggin' clue.

Oh man, I just found an entire page of cute images I'd forgotten about. WHEEE!

This is like my favorite picture ever. This kid is my hero.

Red pandas are like, my favorite creatures ever. In the world. Oh my god.

Except for this picture. What is this, even? I don't even get it. What's in his mouth? Is he flying? This picture is as much a mystery to me as the rabbit in the cup one is to mockturtletale.

So is this one, not only because this kid looks exactly like I did when I was a kid. But what is even going on here? I do not understand.

Another one I don't understand, but it makes me smile.

I really just can't find any flaws in this picture. It's perfect.


I've been reading lots of books about LA lately, I feel this is apt.

But that's okay, this guy's gonna save us! LOLOL.

But not if this guy has anything to say about it!

Idk. I don't even know.

AND THUS CONCLUDES THE SPAM. I do hope it cheered you guys up! But, if you're still feeling like this...

I only have one thing to say to you.

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♥___♥ Most definitely. It's people like her that make me wish my freckles were actually noticeable father than 3 inches from my face.

F♥r real. Although I usually really dislike my own freckles, haha.

Wear your freckles proudly, young one.

I will take your advice with heed, Master.

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